Sexy Sexy Sweaters

I came across this absolutely amazing tumblr blog today, such a cute idea! Sexy Sweaters photoshops contemporary images, vintage photographs, all the sorts onto a plain baggy sweater. They aren't for sale (as of yet anyway) but the manips are done so fantastically! It's more an expression of pop art, and I absolutely love it!

But, as some of you may ask, how is it possible to make a sweater; those bagging old things you wear when being lazy around the house, flattering? Well I thought I'd have a bit of a go of trying to incorporate some of my favourite sweaters from Sexy Sweaters into a wearable, and of course flattering, look! Expressing both art, and individuality.

The sweet girly-boy look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweaters, pink Ksubi skinny leg jeans, Toy Watch, Alexander McQueen ring and Doc Martens

The plastic desert look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweater, True Religion Cut off/ Roll up jeans, Chloe brown leather wedges, Ray Ban sunnies, Gucci wallet.

Downtown look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweater, red MAC lipstick, Neil Barret bandage skirt, Valentino Patent Leather red heels and a Vince Camuto Cuff

Perhaps we need to get out those old sweaters we thought made us look fat and sloppy, give them a bit of a spruce up, and try something new. Even the simplest of clothing items, can be transformed into a work of art.

If you have a tumblr give Sexy-Sweaters a follow! they won't let you down.


Media Fun in the Holidays

So I finally finished the front page of my Media Magazine, worth about 30 percent of my final years mark for the subject. The cover image was shot and edited by me, inspired by rebel without a cause and as well as The Breakfast Club. I took quite a bit of inspiration from Ally Sheedys character, the "basket case" as well as our rebel of the moment Taylor Momsen. I've included some of my other images from the shoot, please tell my I don't look like another teenager who thinks they are a photographer just because they own a SLR camera...

All Images are my Own

The New Chanel Ad- So Film Noir

Maybe it's just because I watched it the other day, but the new Chanel ads with Freja Beha remind me so much of Frank Millers Sin City. I mean come on, the red black and grey, how could I not be reminded of it!? Admittedly I am a true romantic, I adore black and white films for they deli ever a true sense of mystery so many films these day completely lack. I always seem to adore the way Lagerfeld shoots for Chanel and without a doubt always love the inspiration behind it- so often he says it comes to him in a dream. These ads don't fail, there's something different about Chanel, it always posses elegance and grace with enough flair to grab anybodies attention. Exactly like Miller's Sin City- Minus the violence, and prostitution themes, and the aggression... well you get the idea, I hope. Please tell me I'm not crazy.


A quick Sketch inspired by Brigitte Bardot

This is just a recent design of mine that I've been playing around with. It is inspired by both Brigitte Bardot and my recent obsession with 60s fashion as well as a piece of writing by Truman Capote, in which he described Marilyn Monroe in a black lacey dress. For this design I used watercolour, pencil and fine liner. The bodice is black leather while the skirt is black leather with an embossed lace print in it, giving it a bit more edge and femininity. The small black cross around the neck adds a bit more edge, giving the look a more modern and slightly gothic aesthetic. I was also most likely subconsciously inspired by The Virgin Suicides when I designed this- I swear I watch snippets from that movie far too regularly; Sofia Coppola is a god sent.

I'de love to base a collection around these inspirations, however I feel like doing sketches of my inspiration at the exact time of drawing is more beneficial while I'm slugging my way through year 12 and constantly reminding myself that I need to get back to my Media magazine and Vis Com Folio.

Brigitte Bardot crica 1960

Originality- Where has it gone?

Via Pop Magazine.

I don't even know where to begin here, but something has really got me thinking; where has the originality gone? I could start with the whole "indie" trend, and discuss how completely irrelevant it now is due to it's obscene growth to the point where everyone is wearing the exact same thing. Or I could discuss the groups of girls I sometimes see, who are all dresses in the same kind of black skirt, the same kind of sheer singlet, the same black heels, But that isn't what sparked this thought, what sparked this thought was the presence of the completely mundane. People confuse fashion with trends in my opinion. To me fashion is something that allows you to express your fantasy, to express who you are, who you want to be and what you love. Trends are what you mix these fantasy's with in reality. I'm not expecting anyone to step out onto the streets in a pink tulle dress with black and silver embellishments while their hair is tied back in a flowing black silk ribbon and their feet comforted by sparking dries van noten shoes, I mean for gods sake it's not like I do. But if people want to write a blog, do something a little different, spark a little inspiration I BEG OF YOU, DO SOMETHING A LITTLE INTERESTING! People don't follow blogs like Tavi or The Satorialist so that they can know where to get a woollen vest, or what colour jeans to buy, this is not fashion in my eyes, this is a TREND. It isn't art, it isn't expression, these brands like General Pants and Just Jeans do not create their products from a fantasy or an idea, they create them according to TRENDS and what the MASS market wants. Therefore if you think you are being original for finding a nice woollen vest at Just Jeans, think again, as they are created for the MASS.

Now in no way am I saying that these key pieces are bad to have in your wardrobe, I mean yes everyone girls needs them and these brands know how to do it well. But please. If you love fashion, push the limits, explore the themes, inspire people. Fashion is a reality which allows us to explore a fantasy.

Film Still from the Virgin Suicides


Astronomy has never been so cool

Images via Style.com

So after Christopher Kane focused on colourful nebulaes in his most recent Resort collection astronomy has no longer been a secret little nerdy interest but a fashionable expression for any girl looking to add some interest to her closet. This week I found a website, which Im honestly slightly unwilling to share because I feel like it's my own little find, but of course I will: Astronomy picture of the day is the perfect place to find some of the most gorgeous stary pictures, reminding you just how amazing this universe truely is; the archive found at http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html is sure to leave you in a state of jaw drop and lust for anything sparkly.

All images sourced from the Astronomy Picture of the Day archive


Cinnamon and Strawberry Milkshake

I was having a nice long bubble bath after a week of school that was dragging on forever the other day (not like school doesn't always drag on but whatever) and I was admiring the cute bottles and soft colours of the philosophy bubble bath I was using (That also smells life heaven if it were a place on earth! i.e the shoe department at Saks... IM NOT A DUMB BLOND I SWEAR IT'S JUST, WELL, SHOOOOOOES) and I couldn't help but be reminded of the colours in some Spring couture collections. By the way if you didn't pick up on it I was being philosophical about the Philosophy bubble bath... I thought it was pretty cool of myself.

Valentino (Right) and Chanel (Left) SS Couture 2011 via Style.com
Such a soft and whimsical aesthetic at both Chanel and Valentino this season, you can almost imagine wearing the drop dead gorgeous clothes and feeling as though you are wearing nothing.

Details at Valentino and Chanel via Style.com

Denim Does It

How could we ever forget denim? Those simple pants so popular for work and leisure that we can now buy (pre ripped an all!) for hundreds of dollars at some of our favourite stores. After seeing an old poster for the movie The Outsiders, back when Rob Lowe quite frankly beat Tom Cruise's dorky arse, I couldn't help but compile a post about our favourite stable; denim.

Found this old Levis ad which shows jeans back in their original (oh so sexy) use, the style certainly hasn't changed that much (minus the uh unfitted flair aspect), as we can see in a shoot from this years Feb German Vogue on the left. just ad the cute denim shirt and some high fashion accessories and you're set to go! Oh and your new favourite high heels you probably can't leave the house without, despite all the blisters they give you "No it's not the shoes I swear! I just need to wear them in!" Don't worry, you're not alone in your denial.

So are you like so totally clueless about denim? Did I really just say that... anyway Yeah I don't think so, pretty easy concept I've got to say. Like this old Levis ad shows, denim really does become a second skin.

And finally The Outsiders poster, (cute boys in denim, um yes please) a shot from the Spring 2011 Levis and opening ceremony campaign as well as the gorgeous Snejana from a recent shoot with Cover Magazine. Two more examples of how easy and laid back denim can be, but of course (I mean why else would I be writing about it when I should be doing my Psychology homework) still looking fabulous.


Colour's in the Air

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Today I am like totaly doing my homework, studying A Christmas Carol and writting notes on the ever famous Charles Dickens. Okay... so I may have become a little bored of that, but this is just so much more important for now. So I bring you this documentation on colour... I know haven't heard that word for a while now, and how it is going to be taking up the side walks of the streets once again.
Australian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar March 2011 issues

Harper's Bazaar



It seems colour, is once again, going to be all around us. After the big GFC hit, fashion seemed to go back to those fun old basics for a while. Designers went back to their roots and things became some what, pradictable. But as the new year begins it looks like we might be able to pull out the colours again and take those risks we've been avoiding for the past few... well... years? Colour dominated at the SS shows in September, from New York through to Milan colour was everywhere to be seen, in the clothes and shoes, even to the editors forever treasured phone cases and day planners!

So lets ditch the gray, save the whites for labour day, store up the monochromes and bring out the colour. Caution: Wash before wear, colours may have become extremely dusty whilst the world has been in hybonation.

ID Cover Issue 311

V cover issue 61

A Splash of Colour

Haider Ackermann SS 2011- Style.com

It seems after the recent colour drought bursts of brights are coming back at full speed. Young designer Haider Ackermann (and favoured by the king of fashion, Mr. Lagerfeld himself)delighted editors, buyers, fans and the sorts with his recent Spring collection that featured modern dresses and unique designs. I loved his use of this deep fruity orange, against fair skinned models and a white backdrop it just absolutely popped; leaving us all hungry for more.

Own photography.


Subtly Brilliant

... That is probably the best way to describe Sofia Coppola's new film "Somewhere", the story of a newly famous yet emotionally washed out actor lost in the dull repetition of his lifestyle until the presence of his 11 year old daughter forces him to take responsibility and break normality.

There is little dialogue through the original screenplay and despite the lack of plot we still share sympathy for our main character who seems to nowhere rather then somewhere. The soft noise and imagery through the film is very similar to that present in Coppola's earlier work, The Virgin Suicides.

The cool and calm mood of the film reminded me of some of the soft and quietly breathtaking designs from the Spring Summer 2011 Nina Ricci collection, in which head designer Peter Copping produced a number of sweet, feminine chiffon and silk based ensembles.