Cinnamon and Strawberry Milkshake

I was having a nice long bubble bath after a week of school that was dragging on forever the other day (not like school doesn't always drag on but whatever) and I was admiring the cute bottles and soft colours of the philosophy bubble bath I was using (That also smells life heaven if it were a place on earth! i.e the shoe department at Saks... IM NOT A DUMB BLOND I SWEAR IT'S JUST, WELL, SHOOOOOOES) and I couldn't help but be reminded of the colours in some Spring couture collections. By the way if you didn't pick up on it I was being philosophical about the Philosophy bubble bath... I thought it was pretty cool of myself.

Valentino (Right) and Chanel (Left) SS Couture 2011 via Style.com
Such a soft and whimsical aesthetic at both Chanel and Valentino this season, you can almost imagine wearing the drop dead gorgeous clothes and feeling as though you are wearing nothing.

Details at Valentino and Chanel via Style.com

Denim Does It

How could we ever forget denim? Those simple pants so popular for work and leisure that we can now buy (pre ripped an all!) for hundreds of dollars at some of our favourite stores. After seeing an old poster for the movie The Outsiders, back when Rob Lowe quite frankly beat Tom Cruise's dorky arse, I couldn't help but compile a post about our favourite stable; denim.

Found this old Levis ad which shows jeans back in their original (oh so sexy) use, the style certainly hasn't changed that much (minus the uh unfitted flair aspect), as we can see in a shoot from this years Feb German Vogue on the left. just ad the cute denim shirt and some high fashion accessories and you're set to go! Oh and your new favourite high heels you probably can't leave the house without, despite all the blisters they give you "No it's not the shoes I swear! I just need to wear them in!" Don't worry, you're not alone in your denial.

So are you like so totally clueless about denim? Did I really just say that... anyway Yeah I don't think so, pretty easy concept I've got to say. Like this old Levis ad shows, denim really does become a second skin.

And finally The Outsiders poster, (cute boys in denim, um yes please) a shot from the Spring 2011 Levis and opening ceremony campaign as well as the gorgeous Snejana from a recent shoot with Cover Magazine. Two more examples of how easy and laid back denim can be, but of course (I mean why else would I be writing about it when I should be doing my Psychology homework) still looking fabulous.


Colour's in the Air

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Today I am like totaly doing my homework, studying A Christmas Carol and writting notes on the ever famous Charles Dickens. Okay... so I may have become a little bored of that, but this is just so much more important for now. So I bring you this documentation on colour... I know haven't heard that word for a while now, and how it is going to be taking up the side walks of the streets once again.
Australian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar March 2011 issues

Harper's Bazaar



It seems colour, is once again, going to be all around us. After the big GFC hit, fashion seemed to go back to those fun old basics for a while. Designers went back to their roots and things became some what, pradictable. But as the new year begins it looks like we might be able to pull out the colours again and take those risks we've been avoiding for the past few... well... years? Colour dominated at the SS shows in September, from New York through to Milan colour was everywhere to be seen, in the clothes and shoes, even to the editors forever treasured phone cases and day planners!

So lets ditch the gray, save the whites for labour day, store up the monochromes and bring out the colour. Caution: Wash before wear, colours may have become extremely dusty whilst the world has been in hybonation.

ID Cover Issue 311

V cover issue 61

A Splash of Colour

Haider Ackermann SS 2011- Style.com

It seems after the recent colour drought bursts of brights are coming back at full speed. Young designer Haider Ackermann (and favoured by the king of fashion, Mr. Lagerfeld himself)delighted editors, buyers, fans and the sorts with his recent Spring collection that featured modern dresses and unique designs. I loved his use of this deep fruity orange, against fair skinned models and a white backdrop it just absolutely popped; leaving us all hungry for more.

Own photography.