Sexy Sexy Sweaters

I came across this absolutely amazing tumblr blog today, such a cute idea! Sexy Sweaters photoshops contemporary images, vintage photographs, all the sorts onto a plain baggy sweater. They aren't for sale (as of yet anyway) but the manips are done so fantastically! It's more an expression of pop art, and I absolutely love it!

But, as some of you may ask, how is it possible to make a sweater; those bagging old things you wear when being lazy around the house, flattering? Well I thought I'd have a bit of a go of trying to incorporate some of my favourite sweaters from Sexy Sweaters into a wearable, and of course flattering, look! Expressing both art, and individuality.

The sweet girly-boy look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweaters, pink Ksubi skinny leg jeans, Toy Watch, Alexander McQueen ring and Doc Martens

The plastic desert look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweater, True Religion Cut off/ Roll up jeans, Chloe brown leather wedges, Ray Ban sunnies, Gucci wallet.

Downtown look:
Sweater via Sexy Sweater, red MAC lipstick, Neil Barret bandage skirt, Valentino Patent Leather red heels and a Vince Camuto Cuff

Perhaps we need to get out those old sweaters we thought made us look fat and sloppy, give them a bit of a spruce up, and try something new. Even the simplest of clothing items, can be transformed into a work of art.

If you have a tumblr give Sexy-Sweaters a follow! they won't let you down.