Media Fun in the Holidays

So I finally finished the front page of my Media Magazine, worth about 30 percent of my final years mark for the subject. The cover image was shot and edited by me, inspired by rebel without a cause and as well as The Breakfast Club. I took quite a bit of inspiration from Ally Sheedys character, the "basket case" as well as our rebel of the moment Taylor Momsen. I've included some of my other images from the shoot, please tell my I don't look like another teenager who thinks they are a photographer just because they own a SLR camera...

All Images are my Own

The New Chanel Ad- So Film Noir

Maybe it's just because I watched it the other day, but the new Chanel ads with Freja Beha remind me so much of Frank Millers Sin City. I mean come on, the red black and grey, how could I not be reminded of it!? Admittedly I am a true romantic, I adore black and white films for they deli ever a true sense of mystery so many films these day completely lack. I always seem to adore the way Lagerfeld shoots for Chanel and without a doubt always love the inspiration behind it- so often he says it comes to him in a dream. These ads don't fail, there's something different about Chanel, it always posses elegance and grace with enough flair to grab anybodies attention. Exactly like Miller's Sin City- Minus the violence, and prostitution themes, and the aggression... well you get the idea, I hope. Please tell me I'm not crazy.