The New Chanel Ad- So Film Noir

Maybe it's just because I watched it the other day, but the new Chanel ads with Freja Beha remind me so much of Frank Millers Sin City. I mean come on, the red black and grey, how could I not be reminded of it!? Admittedly I am a true romantic, I adore black and white films for they deli ever a true sense of mystery so many films these day completely lack. I always seem to adore the way Lagerfeld shoots for Chanel and without a doubt always love the inspiration behind it- so often he says it comes to him in a dream. These ads don't fail, there's something different about Chanel, it always posses elegance and grace with enough flair to grab anybodies attention. Exactly like Miller's Sin City- Minus the violence, and prostitution themes, and the aggression... well you get the idea, I hope. Please tell me I'm not crazy.

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