A quick Sketch inspired by Brigitte Bardot

This is just a recent design of mine that I've been playing around with. It is inspired by both Brigitte Bardot and my recent obsession with 60s fashion as well as a piece of writing by Truman Capote, in which he described Marilyn Monroe in a black lacey dress. For this design I used watercolour, pencil and fine liner. The bodice is black leather while the skirt is black leather with an embossed lace print in it, giving it a bit more edge and femininity. The small black cross around the neck adds a bit more edge, giving the look a more modern and slightly gothic aesthetic. I was also most likely subconsciously inspired by The Virgin Suicides when I designed this- I swear I watch snippets from that movie far too regularly; Sofia Coppola is a god sent.

I'de love to base a collection around these inspirations, however I feel like doing sketches of my inspiration at the exact time of drawing is more beneficial while I'm slugging my way through year 12 and constantly reminding myself that I need to get back to my Media magazine and Vis Com Folio.

Brigitte Bardot crica 1960

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