Three Blogs You Must Visit

Fashion Toast is one of the main blogs I get a lot of my inspiration from. With stunning pictures of skylines and gorgeously draped fabrics you can't really go wrong here. You get an amazing sense of atmosphere and mood which directly inspires the clever fashions that are put together and every single post brings something new and though provoking.

How could I not mention Jak and Jil? Photographer Tommy Tom is a star at capturing the casual and more private moments of some of the worlds most glamorous people. He examines fabrics and shape so clearly and shows the use of colour and detail with unbelievable clarity.

Park and Cube is a new favourite of mine. The artistic fashions that are captured are so fresh and inspired that it leaves you absolutely amazed. DIY posts show how clever blog owner Shini Park really is and manages to put so many desirable items on our most wanted lists.


Shepherds Delight

I was sitting at my desk just before and I suddenly noticed the whole hallway was illuminated with a fine pinky orange light. I had a quick look out the window and saw that the whole sky had been taken over by a soft pink and orange blend, after a day of non-stop rainfall and dull gray skys. Of course I quickly got my camera out and took some photos. I just love the colours of the sky and not only that, but my favourite colour is pink. Yes... deep down I am a girly girl, guilty as charged.

Pictures in Collage sourced from: froufrouu.com, krissybelle.tumblr.com, fashiontoast.com

My Most Loved Shoes... At The Moment

I got these awesome shoes a few months ago in the City from Tony Bianco. They are flat but have very subtle wedge so they are perfect for wearing to so many things, they also have a little unexpected cut out at the back of the shoe which isn't pictured above. I just love them so much right now, I don't care how much the leather might rub against my feet on hot days they are just too good not to wear. The worn leather look with the criss crossing laces that run all up the shoe remind me of the punk rock infused fashion that is everywhere right now, mixed with some Gothic undertones.

Above Images sorced from two of my favourite blogs www.froufrouu.com and www.fashiontoast.com


That Time of Year Again...

It's that time of year again when the Victoria's Secret show has just been and gone, only for the public to pick it apart and comment on every single aspect of the theatrical fashion show of the year.

This year the stage was full of life and colour, from sweet pastels on a barn yard themed runway to spikes and deep alerting tones in a hard rock and love inspired segment. The Pink section, always one of the most anticipated didn't fail to please this year, despite the absence of it's original face Miranda Kerr. Behati Prinsloo opened the brightly coloured section with a show stopping rainbow out fit where the wings were literally shaped as a bow. The crystallized dog in the back ground, on which the show stopping Katy Perry performed, mixed with the array of metallic balloons gave the segment a Jeff Koons kind of aesthetic, and expressed the mood of the girly lingerie perfectly.

If one thing was missing this year (apart from the heavily pregnant Miranda Kerr) I'd have to say it was a Christmas themed part. I miss when they closed the show with that, like in the 05, 06 and 07 show, it was always so breathtaking and fitted the holiday mood so perfectly. Yet despite leaving out the Christmas cheer for the third year in a row the show, as per usual, was amazing. It truly is a theatrical phenomenon.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photographs that have been used above.

Tea On A Summers Day

Florals for Spring may be cliche but hey, no one ever said anything about florals for Summer.


First Days of Summer

The first days of summer may be boiling hot, but they certainly bring out some of the most fantastic colours. The smell outside at the moment reminds me so much of Christmas, the hot summer air, the huge variety of flowers and plants. I love this time of year, so much inspiration around, we say that flowers for spring and summer are so cliche and over done in fashion but with all the colour around, how could you not be inspired by that!?


My Favourite Rings... At the moment

I have a thing for rings, I mean decorating your fingers... Who doesn't want that!?
However these six are my favourite at the moment, I pretty much wear them any chance I get. If I had to choose one that I love the most I'd have to say the union jack ring. I got if from a little street stall in Soho last year and it's just so cute, plus... Royal pride people!
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel