Originality- Where has it gone?

Via Pop Magazine.

I don't even know where to begin here, but something has really got me thinking; where has the originality gone? I could start with the whole "indie" trend, and discuss how completely irrelevant it now is due to it's obscene growth to the point where everyone is wearing the exact same thing. Or I could discuss the groups of girls I sometimes see, who are all dresses in the same kind of black skirt, the same kind of sheer singlet, the same black heels, But that isn't what sparked this thought, what sparked this thought was the presence of the completely mundane. People confuse fashion with trends in my opinion. To me fashion is something that allows you to express your fantasy, to express who you are, who you want to be and what you love. Trends are what you mix these fantasy's with in reality. I'm not expecting anyone to step out onto the streets in a pink tulle dress with black and silver embellishments while their hair is tied back in a flowing black silk ribbon and their feet comforted by sparking dries van noten shoes, I mean for gods sake it's not like I do. But if people want to write a blog, do something a little different, spark a little inspiration I BEG OF YOU, DO SOMETHING A LITTLE INTERESTING! People don't follow blogs like Tavi or The Satorialist so that they can know where to get a woollen vest, or what colour jeans to buy, this is not fashion in my eyes, this is a TREND. It isn't art, it isn't expression, these brands like General Pants and Just Jeans do not create their products from a fantasy or an idea, they create them according to TRENDS and what the MASS market wants. Therefore if you think you are being original for finding a nice woollen vest at Just Jeans, think again, as they are created for the MASS.

Now in no way am I saying that these key pieces are bad to have in your wardrobe, I mean yes everyone girls needs them and these brands know how to do it well. But please. If you love fashion, push the limits, explore the themes, inspire people. Fashion is a reality which allows us to explore a fantasy.

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