Colour's in the Air

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Today I am like totaly doing my homework, studying A Christmas Carol and writting notes on the ever famous Charles Dickens. Okay... so I may have become a little bored of that, but this is just so much more important for now. So I bring you this documentation on colour... I know haven't heard that word for a while now, and how it is going to be taking up the side walks of the streets once again.
Australian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar March 2011 issues

Harper's Bazaar



It seems colour, is once again, going to be all around us. After the big GFC hit, fashion seemed to go back to those fun old basics for a while. Designers went back to their roots and things became some what, pradictable. But as the new year begins it looks like we might be able to pull out the colours again and take those risks we've been avoiding for the past few... well... years? Colour dominated at the SS shows in September, from New York through to Milan colour was everywhere to be seen, in the clothes and shoes, even to the editors forever treasured phone cases and day planners!

So lets ditch the gray, save the whites for labour day, store up the monochromes and bring out the colour. Caution: Wash before wear, colours may have become extremely dusty whilst the world has been in hybonation.

ID Cover Issue 311

V cover issue 61


  1. Loving colour so much atm, so glad it's coming back in fashion!


  2. I've never been a massive fan of bright colours, always prefer to go for neutrals but maybe I should give them a try for the summer... Dress up like an ice lolly for a day at the beach in Greece!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. Oooh I have both the Harper's Bazaar and Vogue Australia :) Great issues! Love the colour trend :D