Cinnamon and Strawberry Milkshake

I was having a nice long bubble bath after a week of school that was dragging on forever the other day (not like school doesn't always drag on but whatever) and I was admiring the cute bottles and soft colours of the philosophy bubble bath I was using (That also smells life heaven if it were a place on earth! i.e the shoe department at Saks... IM NOT A DUMB BLOND I SWEAR IT'S JUST, WELL, SHOOOOOOES) and I couldn't help but be reminded of the colours in some Spring couture collections. By the way if you didn't pick up on it I was being philosophical about the Philosophy bubble bath... I thought it was pretty cool of myself.

Valentino (Right) and Chanel (Left) SS Couture 2011 via Style.com
Such a soft and whimsical aesthetic at both Chanel and Valentino this season, you can almost imagine wearing the drop dead gorgeous clothes and feeling as though you are wearing nothing.

Details at Valentino and Chanel via Style.com

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